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Zapętlaj A family trip to Shetland

A family trip to Shetland

Join us as we explore Shetland from the mainland to Unst and Mousa to the Island of Noss. We will be setting out on a journey to explore the best of the Shetland Islands for families. From beaches to bird spotting there's so much to enjoy....

Zapętlaj [Doku] An der Nordseeküste - Shetland-Inseln [HD]

[Doku] An der Nordseeküste - Shetland-Inseln [HD]

Die Dokumentation begibt sich zum nördlichsten Punkt des Vereinigten Königreichs, wo Nordsee, Nordatlantik und Norwegische See zusammenfließen: zu den Shetlandinseln. 22.000 Einwohner leben hier, fast jeder besitzt ein Boot und im Schnitt 15 Schafe. Die Shetländer stehen in ständigem Kontakt mit dem Meer. Kein Punkt auf den über 100 Inseln ist weiter als drei Meilen von der Küste entfernt, in fast keinem anderen Meer ist der Verkehr so dicht wie in der Nordsee vor Shetland....

Zapętlaj This is Shetland

This is Shetland


Zapętlaj Douglas Henshall's Guide to Scotland & Glaswegian Slang | Shetland

Douglas Henshall's Guide to Scotland & Glaswegian Slang | Shetland

Shetland star, Douglas Henshall equips us with Glaswegian slangs and a guide to Scotland. Subscribe for more exclusive clips, trailers and more. Get instant access to BritBox here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Watch unmissable BBC and ITV shows, any time. Discover thousands of hours of British TV boxsets, from world-class drama, comedy, and documentaries, to jaw-dropping natural history and award-winning kids’ shows....

Zapętlaj Dialect | Shetland Life

Dialect | Shetland Life

Marjolein is a comedian fromShetland - a Scottish island known for it's tiny horses, and being quite remote. Marjolein wants to share some of her favourite words from Shetland with you. For example, in some parts of Scotland, a 'pilly' means a pillow, whereas in Shetland, a pilly means... well... it means penis. Don't get those two muddled up. Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: bbcthesocial...

Zapętlaj Sheland Faelnar performs “Hindi Na Nga” | Live Round | Idol Philippines 2019

Sheland Faelnar performs “Hindi Na Nga” | Live Round | Idol Philippines 2019

Sheland Faelnar surprises Judges with her “Hindi Na Nga” performance. Subscribe to Search for the Idol Philippines YouTube channel: Watch the full episodes of Idol Philippines on TFC.TV: and on iWant for Philippine viewers: Follow our social media accounts! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #IdolPhilippines #Top8 #IdolPHTop8...

Zapętlaj A Shetland Commute

A Shetland Commute

Here's a typical commute to work in Shetland. You can share your commute to work with us at #myshetlandcommute. How does your commute to work compare? Learn more about Shetland here - www.shetland.org Find us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/promoteshetland/ Follow us on Twitter - @PromoteShetland Join us on Instagram - @promoteshetland Learn more about the locals who call Shetland home: Find out more about living in Shetland: You can also join our Facebook group: ...

Zapętlaj Unique UK - Shetland

Unique UK - Shetland

This is a travel blog focusing on showing the wonders of both nature and mankind. This time, I am visiting Shetland; a small island in Scotland....

Zapętlaj The unofficial A-Z of Shetland

The unofficial A-Z of Shetland

Aimed at those coming to live and work in Shetland and with a sensible dose of humour. Find out more about Shetland as a place to visit, live and work here: www.shetland.org Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/promoteshetland On Instagram: www.instagram.com/promoteshetland And Twitter too: www.twitter.com/promoteshetland...

Zapętlaj SHETLAND || Season 3 Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 || FULL EPISODE

SHETLAND || Season 3 Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 || FULL EPISODE

DI Perez grows convinced that Maguire is implicated in the grisly death of a young man discovered in a shipping container. IDMb: 8.2/10 Air Date: January 22, . Toshs reappearance takes the investigation into a new direction, raising more questions about events in Shetland and Glasgow. IDMb: 8.8/10 Air Date: February . When a young man disappears on a ferry crossing and a small boy ends up in intensive care, DI Perez and his team become convinced the two events are ....

Zapętlaj Shetland S5 E6

Shetland S5 E6


Zapętlaj Shetland   S03   E05

Shetland S03 E05


Zapętlaj Shetland Season 3 Episode 4

Shetland Season 3 Episode 4

As the case gathers pace, Perez, Sandy and, most significantly, Tosh are all under threat. IDMb: 8.5/10 Air Date: February 12, 2016 Genres: Crime, Drama, ....

Zapętlaj The Shetland Islands | The Unbelievable Hidden Treasure of Scotland

The Shetland Islands | The Unbelievable Hidden Treasure of Scotland

The Shetland Islands are the UNBELIEVABLE Hidden Treasure of Scotland, the northernmost point of the United Kingdom and formerly part of Norway. Come explore these beautiful islands with Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers and some Shetland Ponies...in Sweaters. SUBSCRIBE ► Big Thanks to Visit Scotland for sponsoring this video: + Check them out ► + Instagram ► + Twitter ► SHOP OUR MERCH ► --- WHAT WE VLOG WITH ► --- FOLLOW US: + INSTAGRAM ► + FACEBOOK ► + TWITTER ► + SNAPCHAT...



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